About Red Cat

Hello! Welcome to Red Cat. 

Red Cat Apothecary was born from my fascination with natural alternatives to western medicine. As a human who has suffered congenital hip displasia, spinal meningitis, auto-immune issues, and chronic pain, western medicine and I have had a sordid past.

It wasn't until I found plant medicine that I started to regain my health.

In 2019, I studied at the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism in the hopes of gaining more knowledge to share this natural healing with others. During that time, I started studying green witchcraft as well, and hence the hybrid known as Red Cat Apothecary was born.

Why the name Red Cat?



At the time, I had a kitty companion named Colfax. He most certainly was my familiar - any time I'd get into my green witch ways, Colfax would come running to join in the fun. At the time when I was finally putting a name to my apothecary, Colfax passed away suddenly from kidney failure. His spirit lives on as my intuition guide. 





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