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About Red Cat Apothecary: A Fusion of Nature and Personal Journey

Hello! Welcome to Red Cat. 

Welcome to Red Cat Apothecary, conceived from my deep fascination with remedies rooted in nature, offering an alternative to conventional medical practices. As someone who has navigated the challenges of congenital hip dysplasia, spinal meningitis, unknown chronic illness, and persistent pain, my relationship with western medicine has been complex and often tumultuous.

Embracing Nature's Abundance

However, a transformative revelation unfolded when I encountered the realm of plant-based medicine. This discovery played a pivotal role in reclaiming my well-being. In 2019, my quest for knowledge led me to the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism, where I immersed myself in the study of herbs to deepen my understanding and extend the gift of natural healing to others. During this transformative phase, my explorations expanded to encompass the realm of green witchcraft, giving rise to the distinctive entity known as Red Cat Apothecary.

Unveiling the Artisan Behind Red Cat Apothecary: Crafting Rituals, Crafting Healing

Stevie of Red Cat Apothecary

Greetings, I'm Stevie, the creatrix behind Red Cat Apothecary. Within this sanctuary, I meticulously fashion an array of ritual bath bombs, shower salts, oils, amulets, and more. My life's journey, colored by an enigmatic chronic ailment, steered me onto the path of herbalism, which became a cornerstone of my personal healing journey. As my narrative unfolded, I found myself captivated by the realm of green witchcraft. Through experiences like past life regression and shamanic journeys, I unearthed my deep-seated connections to Celtic witchcraft and Druidry, deepening my spiritual resonance.

A Turning Point: Embracing Healing and Transformation

In the early months of 2023, I finally received a diagnosis of lifelong mold illness. This awakening served as a resounding call to surrender fully and embrace a decelerated pace. Even my ability to articulate words slowed to a mere trickle, underscoring the urgency of this transformation. Motivated by this profound realization, I bid farewell to the corporate hustle, redirecting my focus toward holistic healing.

A Holistic Haven: Empowering through Ritual Tools and Offerings

This transformative shift also magnified my commitment to sharing my passion for clean, natural, mindful, and handcrafted ritual tools and offerings. Through Red Cat Apothecary, I extend an open invitation to explore the realms of mindfulness, spirituality, magic, deliberate living, crystals, and self-care. In this haven of intentional living, I offer products that embody the essence of clean, luxurious, herbal healing, encapsulating my journey and my devotion to the art of well-being.

Welcome to Red Cat Apothecary, where nature's remedies intertwine with personal evolution, crafting a tapestry of healing and purpose.

Why the name Red Cat?


 At the time, I had a kitty companion named Colfax. He most certainly was my familiar - any time I'd get into my green witch ways, Colfax would come running to join in the fun. At the time when I was finally putting a name to my apothecary, Colfax passed away suddenly from kidney failure. His spirit lives on as my intuition guide. 

Now, I am lucky enough to have another kitty friend in my life, Felix, who I'm pretty sure is Colfax reincarnate. Felix has taken up the helm as resident familiar for Red Cat Apothecary. 



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