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Spiritual Connection Ritual Bath Bomb


Embark on a transcendent journey with our Spiritual Connection Ritual Bath Bomb, meticulously formulated to foster a profound link to the spiritual realm. As you place this sumptuous bath bomb into your tub, a symphony of carefully curated ingredients envelops you, inviting you to immerse yourself in an elevated experience.

Enriched with the lavish essence of coconut milk, honey, and cocoa butter, this opulent bath bomb wraps you in a cloak of nourishment, reflecting the deep connection you seek. Yet, it's not only the ingredients that distinguish this ritual bath bomb – it's the intention woven within. Crafted with organic herbs and essential oils, each element synergizes to align your energy with the frequencies of heightened intuition and visionary dreams.

Beyond a mere bath, the Spiritual Connection Ritual Bath Bomb is a sacred space where you can recalibrate your intentions, open your inner eye, and journey into the realm of spiritual exploration. Immerse yourself in this transcendent experience and emerge with a heightened spiritual connection, ready to embrace the visions and dreams that unfold before you.

To use, drop this bomb into a warm bath and allow to dissolve. Stir clockwise while setting your intention for opening your third eye, hearing your intuition, gaining insights, or whatever is calling to you. 

See "Directions for Use" tab below for more ritual suggestions. 


Suggested ritual additions:

✨ Do your due diligence to protect your energy while using this ritual bath bomb!

✨ Safely light a candle (or many!), turn out the electric lights, and candle gaze while you soak

✨ Find your favorite lofi station (there are so many good witchy ones!) and play it softly, allowing yourself to enjoy the gentle stillness

✨ Keep your favorite deck of tarot or oracle cards, your pendulum, or any other of your favorite spiritual tools nearby. Play with whatever calls to you - leave the rest


baking soda, citric acid, coconut milk powder*, cocoa butter*, honey powder, mica powder, polysorbate 80, vervain*, calendula*, lavender*, bay*, mugwort*, basil*, essential oils of mugwort, cinnamon bark, white sage*, and lavender*, witch hazel


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