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Seeds of Change Amulet

Introducing the "Seeds of Change Amulet," a blend of nature's gifts and spiritual significance. This handcrafted necklace features a harmonious selection of elements, including the sacred rudraksha seeds, moonstone, amazonite, tiger's eye, and shell beads, complemented by an ocean jasper pendant.

While this amulet can be used however you want, (it makes a lovely everyday necklace!) I suggest speaking each affirmation out loud while going around the amulet. For instance, when you are touching a tiger’s eye bead, you speak the tiger’s eye affirmation. Then you move on to the next bead, and the next, speaking each associated affirmation. Do this daily to cement the vibrations of your affirmations and intentions!

See the CRYSTALS AND AFFIRMATIONS tab for more information on the properties of the crystals in this amulet, as well as suggested affirmations.


RUDRAKSHA SEEDS // The rudraksha seeds hold deep spiritual meaning. They are revered for their connection to inner peace, enlightenment, and transformation. Each bead is a symbol of growth and the potential for positive change.
✨Affirmation: I am ready and open for positive change

MOONSTONE // Moonstone beads evoke the gentle, soothing energy of the moon. Moonstone symbolizes intuition and emotional balance, making it a perfect companion for personal growth.
✨Affirmation: I listen to and trust my intuition

AMAZONITE // Amazonite beads bring a serene touch of nature's beauty to the amulet. Their blue-green hues invite tranquility and harmonious communication, promoting change with grace.
✨Affirmation: I invite tranquility into my life

TIGER’S EYE // Tiger's eye offers protection and inner strength. It encourages the wearer to embrace change with confidence and resilience.
✨Affirmation: I embrace change with confidence and resilience

SHELL BEADS // The inclusion of shell beads adds an element of the ocean's rhythm to the design, reminding us of the ever-moving, ever-changing nature of life.
✨Affirmation: I co-create with the flow of life

OCEAN JASPER // The pendant, featuring ocean jasper, encapsulates the essence of transformation. Ocean jasper promotes positivity and personal growth, making it a symbol of the seeds of change blossoming into something beautiful.
✨Affirmation: Everyday, my experiences allow me to grow and blossom

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