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Rooted Feather Amulet

Introducing the Rooted Feather Amulet, a captivating fusion of earthy energies and ethereal beauty. This meticulously handcrafted amulet features a selection of carefully chosen gemstones, including moonstone, lepidocrocite, garnet, and amazonite, all elegantly accented by a pendant of Botswana agate with a delicate silver feather charm.

The Rooted Feather Amulet is more than a piece of jewelry; it's a wearable emblem of rootedness and serenity. Whether worn as a reminder of your connection to the Earth or as a talisman for grounding and inner peace, this amulet resonates with the tranquility of nature. Embrace its energy, honor its symbolism, and wear a touch of rooted serenity close to your heart.

While this amulet can be used however you want, (it makes a lovely everyday necklace!) I suggest speaking each affirmation out loud while going around the amulet. For instance, when you are touching a garnet bead, you speak the garnet affirmation. Then you move on to the next bead, and the next, speaking each associated affirmation. Do this daily to cement the vibrations of your affirmations and intentions!

See the CRYSTALS AND AFFIRMATIONS tab for more information on the properties of the crystals in this amulet, as well as suggested affirmations.


MOONSTONE // Moonstone infuses the amulet with its enchanting lunar energy, evoking a sense of serenity and connection to the natural world. Its iridescent glow invites emotional balance and inner harmony.
✨Affirmation: My emotions are valid and I find balance when I create safe space to let them flow

LEPIDOCROCITE // Lepidocrocite beads add a touch of ethereal beauty with their delicate rosy hues. They're believed to stimulate inner peace and emotional healing.
✨Affirmation: The more I allow my emotions to be valid, my inner peace grows

GARNET // Garnet beads lend their deep, earthy red tones to the design, symbolizing strength and grounding. Garnet encourages a sense of rootedness and self-assuredness.
✨Affirmation: I am rooted, confident, and grounded. I trust myself to ride the flow

AMAZONITE // Amazonite is a symbol of calm and balance, enhancing your connection to the natural world.
✨Affirmation: I cultivate stillness and calm within me

BOTSWANA AGATE // Botswana agate is known for its protective and soothing qualities, promoting stability and inner harmony.
✨Affirmation: My inner harmony deepens my strength and resolve

FEATHER // The feather charm symbolizes freedom and spiritual connection.
✨Affirmation: Because I am strong and grounded, I feel safe and ready to open my channel and dream

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