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Strength & Vitality Ritual Spa Box

Introducing the Strength & Vitality Ritual Spa Box – your source of energy, resilience, and unwavering strength. This thoughtfully curated collection of spiritual and wellness items is designed to help you revitalize your spirit, boost your vitality, and embrace life with newfound energy. Ignite your inner fire and embark on a journey of strength and vitality with this powerful spa box.

Box Includes:
~ Vitality Ritual Bath Bombs OR Vitality Ritual Shower Salts
~ Sun Energy Bracelet
~ Awake & Alive Ritual Oil
~ Refresh Face Mask Mix
~ Reusable Bamboo Scoop
~ Fortitude Tea
~ Reusable Tea Bag
~ Bloodstone crystal
~ Orange chime candle

The Strength & Vitality Ritual Spa Box is more than just a collection of items; it’s a complete revitalization experience designed to boost your energy and renew your spirit. Embrace this transformative journey and watch as you embrace life with renewed strength and vitality. Ignite your inner fire and experience a life filled with energy and resilience with this ritual spa box today!

Check out the Product Descriptions tab for more details on what's included in the Strength & Vitality Ritual Spa Box.


1. Vitality Ritual Bath Bombs (Set of 3):
Elevate your bath time experience with these luxurious bath bombs infused with vitality intentions. Each bath bomb is a harmonious blend of aromatherapy and herbal energy, designed to rejuvenate your body and spirit, promoting a sense of vitality and energy.


1. Vitality Ritual Shower Salts
Elevate your daily shower routine with these luxurious ritual shower salts infused with powerful intention. Each blend is a delightful combination of aromatherapy and herbal energy to cleanse your body and spirit, paving the way for abundance to flow freely.

2. Awake & Alive Ritual Oil:
Anoint yourself or your ritual tools with this specially crafted ritual oil to awaken your senses and boost your energy. Infused with invigorating herbs and essential oils, this oil is your ally in staying awake and alive.

3. Sun Energy Crystal Healing Bracelet:
Adorn your wrist with this exquisite bracelet featuring crystals of tiger eye, carnelian, lava stone, and sunstone, known for their energizing and vitality-enhancing properties. Wear it daily to keep the energies of strength and vitality close to you.

4. Refresh Face Mask Mix:
Indulge in self-care with this face mask mix designed to refresh your skin and rejuvenate your spirit. As you pamper your outer self, you’ll also renew your inner vitality.

5. Fortitude Herbal Tea Blend:
Sip on this invigorating herbal tea blend to boost your stamina and fortitude. Let the revitalizing herbs and flavors awaken your senses and energize your day.

6. Bloodstone Crystal:
Bloodstone, known for its grounding and revitalizing energies, is a powerful addition to this spa box. Meditate with it, place it in your space, or carry it with you to enhance your vitality and strength.

7. Orange Candle:
Light this vibrant orange candle during your vitality rituals to symbolize energy and enthusiasm. The color orange is often associated with enthusiasm and creativity.

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