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Spiritual Connection Ritual Shower Salts


Handcrafted and formulated with infused energetic intentions to call in spiritual connection, guidance, and love.

Ritual suggestions can be found in the "Direction for Use" tab below.

Servings per jar - approximately 2 showers worth, depending on your preference!

Note - walking on these salts is preferred! Feet are a great conduit for absorbing constituents & compounds into the body. The magnesium in Epsom salts are super supportive - associated with relieving muscle aches, supporting sleep, and general mood balance and nervous system regulation.


Before turning on the shower water, sprinkle a layer of salts on the floor of the shower.

Turn on the water and step into the shower. Replenish salts as much as you desire!

Suggested ritual additions:

✨ Do your due diligence to protect your energy while using this ritual bath bomb!

✨ Close your eyes if it feels safe for you to do so. Take a few slow deep breaths. Allow your mind to wander, taking stock of whatever visions come to mind.

✨ Vocalize. Whatever comes out is exactly what's meant to be - humming, scatting, animal noises, opera, whispers... anything will do. Allow the ego to fall away and let what comes, come. This is your safe space.


Epsom salt, baking soda, citric acid, vervain*, calendula*, lavender*, bay*, mugwort*, basil*, essential oils of mugwort, cinnamon bark, white sage*, and lavender*


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