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Rooted in Strength Amulet

The Rooted in Strength Amulet is a potent blend of red jasper, carnelian, red tiger's eye, moonstone crystal beads, and an acorn charm. This amulet embodies courage, balance, and stamina through the grounding power of red jasper. Carnelian ignites confidence and creativity, while red tiger's eye offers protection and manifestation. Moonstone enhances intuition and emotional balance. The acorn symbolizes luck, prosperity, and growth. Wear this amulet to carry the energies of strength, creativity, protection, and transformation on your journey.

For more information on the properties associated with these crystals, as well as suggested affirmations to enhance said properties, please visit the "Crystal Associations and Affirmations" tab below.

While this amulet can be used however you want, (it makes a lovely everyday necklace!) I suggest speaking each affirmation out loud while going around the amulet. For instance, when you are touching a red jasper bead, you speak the red jasper affirmation. Then you move on to the next bead, and the next, speaking each associated affirmation. Do this daily to cement the vibrations of your affirmations and intentions!

Crystal Associations and Affirmations

RED JASPER // associated with balance, courage, stamina, and strength. Known as the stone of endurance, red jasper is a favored talisman of magickal folx, as it boosts energy and supports grounding.

Affirmation: I cultivate balance within myself, summoning the courage to face challenges and the strength to endure

CARNELIAN // personal power and confidence, creativity, and energy. This stone is a soul stirrer, supporting courage and passion.

Affirmation: I ignite my personal power and exude confidence from within, radiating my authentic self with unshakable confidence.

RED TIGER EYE // protection, healing, manifesting desires and magick. Red tiger eye is the stone for those looking to reconnect with themself, reinvigorate their energy, and rekindle a creative mindset.

Affirmation: I manifest my desires and weave magick into reality, revitalizing my energy and igniting the spark of creativity that resides within me.

MOONSTONE // inner growth, strength, soothing stress, supporting calm and emotional balance. Moonstone enhances intuition and promotes inspiration.

Affirmation: I embrace cycles of transformation, emerging ever stronger and more balanced.

ACORN // The Celts believed that the acorn was a powerful talisman that could bring good luck, prosperity, and fertility. The acorn also represented the promise of new beginnings and the potential for growth and transformation. Furthermore, the oak tree was a sacred symbol in Celtic culture, representing strength, longevity, and wisdom.

Affirmation: I hold the potential for boundless growth and transformative change. I nurture the seeds of my dreams, knowing that within me lies the power to manifest a life rich with blessings and wisdom.

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