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Prosperity & Abundance Ritual Spa Box

Introducing the Prosperity & Abundance Ritual Spa Box – your gateway to a world of abundance, wealth, and positive energy. This carefully curated collection of spiritual and wellness items is designed to help you manifest prosperity and invite abundance into your life. Whether you’re seeking financial wealth, emotional riches, or simply a greater sense of fulfillment, this spa box is your key to unlocking the doors to abundance.

Box Includes:
~ Abundance Ritual Bath Bombs OR Abundance Ritual Shower Salts
~ Bless This Space Spell Starter
~ Calling in Prosperity Incense
~ Charcoal Discs
~ Abundance Bracelet
~ Prosperity Ritual Oil
~ Citrine crystal
~ Green chime candle
~ Ritual & Spell Suggestions

The Prosperity & Abundance Ritual Spa Box is not just a collection of items; it’s a complete ritual experience designed to elevate your vibrations, clear away negativity, and align you with the energies of abundance. Embrace this magical journey and watch as prosperity flows into your life in unexpected and delightful ways. Unbox the abundance you deserve and transform your reality today!

Check out the Product Descriptions tab for more details on what's included in the Prosperity & Abundance Ritual Spa Box.


1. Abundance Ritual Bath Bombs (Set of 3): Step into a world of opulence with these luxurious bath bombs infused with powerful intention. Each bath bomb is a delightful blend of aromatherapy and herbal energy to cleanse your body and spirit, paving the way for abundance to flow freely.


1. Abundance Ritual Shower Salts: Elevate your shower with these luxurious ritual shower salts infused with powerful intention. Each blend is a delightful combination of aromatherapy and herbal energy to cleanse your body and spirit, paving the way for abundance to flow freely.

2. Bless This Space Spell Starter: Create a sacred and inviting environment with this enchanting spell starter kit. Use it to bless your space and remove any blockages that may be hindering the flow of prosperity into your life.

3. Calling in Prosperity Incense: Ignite this enchanting incense to purify the air and call in the energies of prosperity. Let the sweet aroma waft through your space, setting the stage for abundance to enter.

4. Abundance Bracelet: Wear this beautiful bracelet adorned with abundance crystals such as citrine, amethyst, amazonite, and chrysoprase to amplify your intentions and keep the energy of abundance close to you at all times.

5. Prosperity Ritual Oil: Anoint yourself or your ritual tools with this specially crafted oil to amplify your intentions and attract prosperity. Infused with essential oils, this oil is a potent tool in your manifestation practice.

6. Citrine Crystal: Citrine, the stone of abundance, is a radiant addition to this spa box. Hold it, meditate with it, or place it in your space to enhance your abundance intentions and amplify your prosperity energy.

7. Green Chime Candle: Light this vibrant green candle during your abundance rituals. The color green is associated with growth and financial success, making it a powerful symbol in attracting prosperity.

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