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Milk and Honey Floral Bath Soak Mix

Can you imagine anything more luxurious and relaxing than a long, moisturizing, soothing bath after a long day? Have a rejuvenating spa experience easily and within your own home!

This bath mix includes powdered coconut milk and honey to deeply hydrate the skin, while lavender, rose petals, calendula, and hibiscus create a heart opening and soothing aromatherapy experience (and also contain some skin nourishing properties). 

Store bath mixture in a cool, dark place for extended longevity. 



Use a spoon to scoop mix out of the jar and into the provided reusable tea bag. This helps for easy sediment cleanup. How much or how little you use is up to you! (Or, you can skip the tea bag and put the mix directly into warm bath water, however, this can clog your drain, so have some sort of clean-up protocol at the ready!)

Steep mix into your bath, either by sticking the tied up tea bag directly into warm bath water, or hang the teabag from the faucet so that it sits directly into the flow of water filling up the bath.

After use, clean the tea bag thoroughly, dry, and store for use again next time!


::HONEY:: A natural humectant, honey can attract and retain moisture in your skin.

::COCONUT MILK*:: Rich in Vitamin E (wonderful for skin elasticity) and contains fatty acids for moisturizing the skin.

::EPSOM SALTS:: These magnesium-rich minerals have a ton of health benefits, from helping to relieve cramps to strengthening skin. They also can help with anxiety and insomnia.

Sea salt, hibiscus*, lavender*, rose*, calendula*


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