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Cleanse & Release Ritual Spa Box

Introducing the Cleanse & Release Ritual Spa Box – your sacred gateway to purify your mind, body, and spirit, allowing you to release negativity and invite peace and serenity into your life. This thoughtfully assembled collection of spiritual and wellness items is your key to cleansing and rejuvenating your energy, helping you let go of what no longer serves you.

~ Cleansing Ritual Bath Bombs OR Cleansing Ritual Shower Salts
~ Cleanse the Negativity Bracelet
~ Peace Ritual Oil
~ Cleansing Facial Steam
~ Purify Me Incense
~ Charcoal Discs
~ Fluorite crystal
~ Black chime candle
~ Ritual & Spell Suggestions

The Cleanse & Release Ritual Spa Box is not just a collection of items; it’s a complete ritual experience designed to refresh your soul, release negativity, and invite peace and serenity into your life. Embrace this transformative journey and watch as you let go of burdens, finding inner clarity and a renewed sense of tranquility. Open the door to a more serene and positive you with this ritual spa box today!

Check out the Product Descriptions tab for more details on what's included in the Cleanse & Release Ritual Spa Box.


1. Cleansing Ritual Bath Bombs (Set of 3):
Elevate your bathing experience with these luxurious bath bombs infused with powerful intention. Each bath bomb is a harmonious blend of aromatherapy and herbal energy, designed to cleanse and renew your inner self, making way for positivity and serenity.


1. Cleansing Ritual Shower Salts:
Elevate your shower with these luxurious ritual shower salts infused with powerful intention. Each blend is a delightful combination of aromatherapy and herbal energy to cleanse your body and spirit, paving the way for abundance to flow freely.

2. Cleanse the Negativity Crystal Healing Bracelet:
Adorn your wrist with this exquisite bracelet featuring crystals such as obsidian, hematite, and black tourmaline, known for their protective and grounding properties. Wear it daily to shield yourself from negativity and enhance your sense of inner peace.

3. Peace Ritual Oil:
Anoint yourself or your ritual tools with this specially crafted ritual oil to promote tranquility and calm. Infused with herbs and essential oils, this oil is your ally in finding inner balance.

4. Cleansing Facial Steam Starter:
Begin your journey of inner renewal with this facial steam starter kit. Create a spa-like experience at home and cleanse your skin while clearing your mind. A refreshed complexion can often lead to a refreshed spirit.

5. Purify Me Incense:
Light this serene incense to cleanse your environment and encourage a sense of serenity. The soothing aroma will envelop your space, promoting a tranquil atmosphere.

6. Fluorite Crystal:
Fluorite, known for its protective and cleansing energies, is a remarkable addition to this spa box. Meditate with it, hold it, or place it in your space to facilitate mental clarity and emotional purification.

7. Black Chime Candle:
Light this black chime candle during your cleansing rituals to symbolize the release of negativity and the invitation of new, positive energies. The color black represents the removal of obstacles and barriers.

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