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Confident Blues Amulet & Bracelet Set

Introducing the Confident Blues Amulet, a captivating blend of serene energy and inner strength. This meticulously handcrafted amulet features an array of carefully selected gemstones, including lapis lazuli, black tourmaline, rainbow flash smoky quartz, sodalite, hematite beads, and a stunning silver wire-wrapped pendant of blue chalcedony.

The Confident Blues Amulet is more than just an accessory; it's a wearable emblem of self-assurance and tranquility. Whether worn as a reminder of your inner strength or as a talisman for boosting self-confidence, this amulet resonates with the serene power of the blues. Embrace its energy, honor its symbolism, and wear a touch of unwavering confidence close to your heart.

While this amulet can be used however you want, (it makes a lovely everyday necklace!) I suggest speaking each affirmation out loud while going around the amulet. For instance, when you are touching a lapis lazuli bead, you speak the lapis lazuli affirmation. Then you move on to the next bead, and the next, speaking each associated affirmation. Do this daily to cement the vibrations of your affirmations and intentions!

See the CRYSTALS AND AFFIRMATIONS tab for more information on the properties of the crystals in this amulet, as well as suggested affirmations.


LAPIS LAZULI // At the core of this amulet, lapis lazuli infuses it with a deep, calming blue hue and a sense of wisdom and inner peace. Its tranquil energy resonates with your inner confidence, fostering a harmonious presence.
✨Affirmation: I know who I am, deep within my bones

BLACK TOURMALINE // Black tourmaline beads encircle the lapis lazuli, providing a protective shield against negativity and grounding your energy.
✨Affirmation: I am protected, grounded, and strong

RAINBOW FLASH SMOKY QUARTZ // Rainbow flash smoky quartz beads add a touch of mystique with their shimmering presence. They amplify your inner strength and clarity, guiding you with their iridescent beauty.
✨Affirmation: I listen to my inner guidance with clarity and love

SODALITE // Sodalite, with its deep blue tones, enhances the amulet's aura of confidence and self-expression. It's believed to inspire trust in one's abilities and inner voice.
✨Affirmation: I speak my truth with confidence

HEMATITE // Hematite beads, with their metallic luster, bring a sense of stability and grounding to the design, helping you stay rooted in your self-assuredness.
✨Affirmation: My roots run deep - I am stable and self-assured

BLUE CHALCEDONY // The pendant, featuring the captivating blue chalcedony, complements the amulet beautifully. Blue chalcedony is known for its soothing and calming properties, promoting a sense of inner confidence and peace.
✨Affirmation: I am peaceful, confident, and worthy

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